Kublai Khan "Nomad"

Rise Records made the right move tossing Kublai Khan into their roster for promotional support. While the band has been very productive in self marketing and making a name for themselves on countless tours, including notable spots with scene legends The Acacia Strain, it's clear to see the band's commitment and ability to sustain their sound and intent. Nomad finds the band in refined form, polishing up crusty corners that held back their debut and the past two releases on Artery.
     With riffs as crunchy as those that layer "Antpile" and a groove maintained by the band's backbone, the record progresses seamlessly throughout, while still being absolutely devastatingly heavy. The beats rely on groove, groove, groove and the lack of double bass monotony is the biggest standout, as the band carries verse after verse, without droning on repeatedly (a true highlight!). The record is super short and punctual, and for something this assertively aggressive it certainly doesn't overstay it's welcome. This one's mint.

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