Mastodon "Cold Dark Place"

On their latest EP, the band have confused themselves with Queens of the Stone Age and dive off the deep end and play at their soothing rock roots to compose the jam session record of the year. It's great songwriting, loaded with clear direction, proper flow and good ideas. "Toe to Toes" is a catalogue standout, showcasing the band in heightened form displayed as lords of rock.
     All that aside, It's starting to get a little overwhelming to pick up a Mastodon record. It seems like listening to  the band gets more and more complicated the further we get away from the group's first three records. While they've indulged in a successful career, and the band has proved to be capable of sustaining their creative angle on countless releases, sometimes its just a straight forward metal album fans are looking for. Unfortunately, it seems the band is more interested in exploiting their folk tendencies and elaborate their legacy then they are at truly kicking ass.

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