Prison "N.G.R.I."

After Suicide Silence announced their roster for The Cleansing's tenth anniversary tour, Prison made the cut at the bottom of the lineup to open up for a solid deathcore bill. Highly comparable to I Declare War's brand of punishment, Prison dumb down their execution and deliver a sludgingly painful release that crushes auditory expectations. It's a fairly standard slam EP with a heavy beatdown approach that shouldn't threaten fans of Spite or Bodysnatcher. Recommended if you don't have enough of this stuff, but can certainly be overlooked if you've heard it all before. Either way, it's pick and choose when it comes to this stuff, so kudos to Prison for getting on that tour. Kids who want to outdo each other with how underground they can get will be sure to lap this up. 

PS: "Rape Me" is not a Nirvana cover, but I sure wish it was.

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