Unsane "Sterilize"

It's unfortunate that so many noisecore acts have disbanded throughout the years and abandoned hope. So many legendary bands have hung the towel, never letting fans hear their true potential. Think of Orchid, Lightning Bolt, and even early releases by The Locust and Converge were almost impossible to listen to. Modern production has been able to highlight such extreme cases of chaos into digestible audio experiences, that many bands who are anywhere today wouldn't even be glanced at in prior years. Think of Nails and Full Of Hell for example. If these bands launched in the early nineties, there's no way anyone would be able to sit through their insane albums, being bombarded with intense elements that detour their records from standard listens for the duration of the entire tracklist.
     Such is the case with Unsane and their most recent installment on Southern Lord Records. The act has been lingering around New York for over thirty years, and their releases throughout the past two decades have certainly been challenging to listen to. Alas, Sterilize has splashed into the market, and finally captures the band in all their glory. The punishing riffs, the insane blasts, the shrieking vocals, and the evil presence throughout are all captured entirely too well, that any metal fan would listen and think "so this is where those guys got their sound from." Thankfully, the band has put up with a surge of reluctance from the metal community and managed to stay in the rehearsal space all that time to give us an incredible listen. This is one of the year's aggressive must-haves.

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