Through The Eyes Of The Dead “Disomus”

There was a time before Youtube and Facebook, where people had to get all the insight to expertise from experience, and not quick how-to videos and tutorials that now litter the web. Nowadays, it seems like every kid with a guitar can shred his nuts off, and execute guitar sorcery that reaches new heights. The drums are an even bigger phenomenon, with students taking e-courses and learning tricks and tips from
some of the industry’s best performers. Through The Eyes Of The Dead came from an era where the genre had no direction, hardly any resources, and still executed at a high level with traces of genius littered throughout.
     It’s been years since the band’s last installment and it’s strange that Disomus sounds so much like them. It seems like the personnel has stuck the course and returned with a vengeance in the group’s strongest performance since Malice. While TTEOTD aren’t the scene’s Thy Art Is Murder champion, they can certainly hang with the likes of Fit For An Autopsy and Carnifex. It’s just a shame they didn’t hang in there long enough to get to the festivals and headliners like many of their peers did long ago. This record is a testament to what’s possible when good friends have a common goal, and work together to get it done. This is a very intense record, from a band with a catalogue that’s already even more impressive. 

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