We Came As Romas “Cold Like War”

There seems to be a fine line in the metalcore space that separates a few acts by a thin divide. Where Remembering Never, Misery Signals and Eighteen Visions once stood as the scene’s most prominent identifiers of the genre, today, the Impericon brand that supports the style of Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Northlane, Architects, Stick To Your Guns and We Came As Romans seems to be mucking the waters. While all of those bands vary greatly in execution, it’s obvious to those of us who’ve grown with the scene from the early 2000’s to see the brand leverage the production as a product.
     This is worth noting as it taints the perception of the band, which hindered me as a listener to ever really bother with We Came As Romans as it all tailored from the same cloth. It’s not that I’ve never heard those records, it’s just that they didn’t really leave a mark outside the standard fare of what was being released at the time. But this record is different, and is notable, and in essence is actually a ton of fun to listen to. The melodies don’t go soaring off into outer space, the keys aren’t so prominent from a mysterious member of the band, and it truthfully feels like a solid aggro record that rallies convincingly. Compared to the latest Northlane record, I think these guys are finally starting to realize how to standout from one another on record.

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