Big Dumb Face “Where Is Duke Lion? He’s Dead...”

For as much press as Wes Borland gathers you’d think he’d try to deliver a record that would live up to some sort of expectation. For those who aren’t aware of this outlet, Big Dumb Face was a way for Borland to showcase his death metal roots at a time where Limp Bizkit was at an all time high. Back when “N 2 Gether” now was the biggest hit of all time, it was clear Borland was tossed into the background. Obviously, his personality is so animated that there’s just no stifling him and Big Dumb Face was a way to draw some attention to his spastic mindset that maybe got left behind outside of the Limp Bizkit drawing rooms. 
     In 2017, Borland has been rather vocal on the status of Limp Bizkit delivering new material, and it’s clear he’s not that enthusiastic or optimistic about both his excitement for its release, or the fans interest in what they now have to offer. With that being said, if this is what Borland is focusing on instead, it’s clear he has a skewed perception of what people truly want to hear. This is a hybrid of Mike Patton meets Mortician, splashed with a sprinkle of Les Claypool’s foolishness behind the microphone. But just imagine he plucked the worst traits of all three acts (ie; just the drum machine from Mortician, and Claypool’s tongue clicking with no bass guitar), then toss them in a blender with a fart, and Voila! Big Dumb Face. 

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