Full Of Hell/The Body “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light”

Full Of Hell always litter their sound with electronic noise. While it’s a signature move that separates them from countless black and death metal groups all charting the same terrain, there’s also not that many strong and equally creative extreme metal bands that are rising up the ranks the same way they are. I’d say Full Of Hell would’ve been as equally successful without ten minutes of additional noise on every release. With that being said, this album is completely dedicated to their electronic tendencies and there isn’t a metal riff or brutal lick in the building. Keep moving forward if you’re expecting an extension of Trumpeting Ecstasy. This is certainly not that. I’m not sure what The Body contributed to these tracks, but I went back for the band’s latest release to remind me why I ever thought highly of this band in the first place. That one’s still highly recommended.

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