Paradise Lost “Medusa”

Decibel ranked this record the top record of the year, which is certainly worth checking out. Although the record takes off like a visit to the dentist, there are wholesome moments of epic proportions that showcase an act executing at a high level. Highly comparable to the maturation of metal found in Opeth’s Watershed, Medusa often dabbles in very familiar riffage, and trustworthy, bluesy territory tinged with a hint of black metal and shoegaze. While the vocal department could use a bit of sprucing up, it’s something any guest spot could have sorted out proper, to break the one dimensional monotony of the frontman. While there aren’t any soaring melodies, epic choruses, fancy guitar wankery or inhuman wizardry on the drums, the group delivers a developed sound, confident in tone, remniscent of October Rust era Type O Negative, without the goth. So all in, this one does come highly recommended, but certainly not the year’s finest. 

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