Sleep On It “Overexposed”

Remember Friday Nite Lights? Well exactly, Sleep On It is here to give it another stab. This is buttery smooth pop alternative, with hardly any punk aside from its presence on Equal Vision records, which is more of an alternative label in 2017 than the aggressive unrelenting distributor of extreme hardcore it once used to be in the mid 90’s. But all things change, and all good things adapt for the better, and Sleep On It is more marketable and easy to listen to than Can’t Swim and Real Friends combined. After a few tracks the record becomes skewed in Americana, and there’s only so much of listening to this guy go on about getting on silently and carrying on that there’s not a chance in hell for repeat listens. This one was a bit painful to get through even though there are a few tracks here and there that may bend your ear.

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