Left To Vanish “Dethroned”

Right around the time MySpace was fading away, thousands of bands were lining up at the starting line to get their hands in the pot of what was an explosive resurgence for bands and labels that spawned the likes of Emmure, Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Born Of Osiris, and just about the entire Rise and Sumerian catalogue. But in the tail end of this wave, were hundreds of other acts on countless labels that didn’t get to latch on to notoriety. Enthusiasts (myself) to this day are still picking up the pieces of what was left behind during this time, because there are endless records to unearth that are all worth the time of day. One of those bands that got lost in the shuffle were Philly’s Left To Vanish.
     For reference, the band’s release Versus The Throne came at a time where A Day To Remember was just starting to take over the world. The band’s brand of metalcore was superb and elite in comparison to many of the records that were coming out at that time, and infused a dash if djent in their approach, before djent was even a term that spewed from Mishas’s mouth. Now the band’s return is accompanied by none other than Bob Meadows, former frontman for elite metal act A Life Once Lost, to create a brilliant display of metalcore excellence. It’s a shame A Life Once Lost has disappeared, but this is a tight display of hardcore legacy even if the record was extremely overlooked and almost criminally underdelivered. At only seven tracks, it’s unfortunate the band didn’t spend a little more marketing dollars to stand out in this space.

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