Bloodshot Dawn “Reanimation”

It’s unfortunate that all underground bands are essentially on the same playing field. Of course this creates an equal platform for those with the best material and chops to rise to the top. But not all breakthroughs are created equal, and such is the case for Bloodshot Dawn who are comprised of some of the strongest talent in the industry. Meshing Symphony X and death metal never seemed possible, but the ease in which this act blends leads and metal pummeling is truly artistic and noteworthy. Hostile Media is in charge of their publishing, and it’s unfortunate it’s not Century Media or Metal Blade who possibly have what it takes to get this to the masses who deserve to listen to it. But here’s to hoping this act lands on a successful Summer Slaughter stint or captures a solid support slot that will help catapult them out of the underground and into headliner terrain.

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