BOTM - January - Vein

There’s a really good Cvlt Nation interview from last year that digs into these guys and their angle pretty proper. It’s a super stripped down sound, exactly as you think you’d hear it. Brash, abrasive, and at times shrieking grind that could, at one point, only be found in an early As The Sun Sets record, or that sloppy Daughters debut. All these elements make their way through Vein’s DNA. The two collections before the split (Terrors Realm & S/T) sound like juvenile Converge foundations and make for a hopeful buzzworthy act, that’s working their ass off to get noticed. It’s unfortunate those early releases aren’t on  MUSIC, but those who want to bother should know they’re still there waiting on bandcamp. They’re currently supporting Harms Way on their latest run, and hopefully should have an LP out in 2018. Swallow everything this band does, and watch as much @hate5six footage of this band as possible on your 75” 4K LG SmartTV you just got with your holiday dollars.

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