Tonight Alive “Underworld”

Since Parkway Drive splashed out of Australia, the continent has been notorious for churning out some of the alternative community’s top acts. Thy Art Is Murder and The Amity Affliction are two bands worth noting that have catapulted and toured the world to play some of the scene’s top shelf, elite venues to outrageous crowds (and let’s not forget the classic AC/DC!). 
     Tonight Alive, while clearly slightly left of the brutal death metal and hardcore that’s being pumped out of the continent, are the latest Australian breakout act aiming for headlining glory. While the vocals and production are so polished, listening to the entire record is like eating too much of a really good cake. It get’s to a point where the listen needs to be split. There’s just no getting through this whole record in one listen. But that plays in the bands favor, as live the set is going to be packed with hits. It doesn’t seem like the band gets the right exposure, and it’s clear their social media game can use a boost, but for something different and infectious, make sure to check out this super poppy release.

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