BOTM - February - Harm’s Way

With a new full length on deck, and a headlining tour to boot, Harm’s Way have slowly made their mark as a standout act in the hardcore community. While they may lack the marketability of Code Orange or the animated pazzaz of Turnstile, their blend of black metal, punk, and electronics has been a highlight in the scene since their early EPs. While the production quality didn’t really step in until Isolation, where the band really cemented their prolific sound, the sheer force and the weight of the band’s approach could still be felt. Blinded and Rust did nothing but push the envelope further, truly capturing the band’s ability to demonstrate wreckage on record.
     Aside from a relentless live show, and persistent drive on the road, Harm’s Way have the necessary ingredients to be a cult classic. Don’t miss Posthuman being released this upcoming Friday on Metal Blade Records, and make sure to snag a ticket to their February run with Vein and Ringworm.

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