Harms Way “Posthuman”

The band’s ruthless assault is finally given the tight polish it so rightfully deserves after a handful of EPs and releases that have aimed at pushing the envelope of aggressive hardcore. Their fourth full length finds the act’s signature snarl honed in with professionalism.
     That’s not to say that the juvenile brutality isn’t as prevalent as ever. Instead, Harm’s Way found a producer to take an active interest in milking out their tendencies and bringing them to the spotlight. James’ barks finally sound like commands and are officially more than just grunts, the mind bending thickness of those snake riffs gurgle about, and the best snare in the business gets a front and center display to backhand every breakdown and make those parts of the song great again.
     Harm’s Way doesn’t reinvent the wheel with Posthuman the way Code Orange paved 2017 with Forever. Their signature electronics are given a backseat, and there are a few head scratching moments on the record (“Temptation” being one of them). But in such a punctual run time, and with what the band is able to accomplish in just ten tracks, Harm’s Way craft an exceptional release and master something truly breathtaking. Posthuman cements itself as a heavy contender for 2018 AOTY.

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