Incendiary/Xibalba “Brooklyn Bazaar, February 2018”

It’s been a stacked weekend, packed with a whole bunch of solid records, but Friday’s show for Incendiary was truly a special moment. I’ve always been an advocate of the scene being more than just a place for fans of alternative counterculture music to linger after school on weeknights and weekends. Converge first did it at House of Vans with free sponsored craft beer, food trucks, and random vendor booths at a one stop show, not a tour, to truly cater a special moment in Brooklyn almost ten years ago. They were hosting a party for likeminded fans who appreciate quality in all things alike: music, food, drink, apparel. Incendiary continued to make this vision a reality, by hosting a one off show, partnering with a brewery to craft their own beer, giving it to the venue’s restaurant and bar to sling, and selling it out. Friday night was more than just a show. It was an extension of the lifestyle continuing to make itself prevalent as we evolve and connect with the digital resources at our fingertips and the passion for the scene in its entirety. It’s also worth noting that Incendiary is a remarkable act, bound to be the next big thing.

Solid Pilsner, NY brewed.

Super Burrito, Super dope.

Prior to wrecking the stage for 40 minutes.

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