BOTM - March - Will Haven

Nearly twenty years ago, Slipknot went on their first headlining tour and took out Kittie and Will Haven as support. While Slipknot went on to catapulted success, Will Haven went back to California, never to be seen again by the east coast. Throughout the years, the band has released half a dozen records and are now lining up aside what is to be their magnum opus “Muerte,” due at the end of the month. The band’s sound always mirrored a diminished Deftones approach, but as their peers evolved, Will Haven continued to lurk in the tunes that made the legacy act’s first three records so appealing. Long droning strums, Grady’s incessant wailing, and a steady groove on the kit has always been the band’s recipe for success. Even though the band has stayed local for the majority of their career, it’s clear that their latest record is going to be the biggest highlight of their career. Check out the single “El Sol” @therecentlyadded (also, there is no good live picture of this band and I never developed my film from that show in 2000.

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