Trail Of Lies “W.A.R.”

The hardcore aggro outfit from Syracuse drop their debut full length on a random day with very little hype. It’s unfortunate too, because there’s tons of potential here to really drive scans and gain exposure. But for what it’s worth, this still lacks the band’s polished production, which may be why the band chose not to go banana’s with their “marketing dollars,” and just get it out instead. The record plays like a local recording for a startup project, with poor vocal production and thin guitar recording, and even though there’s substance here that could send Trail Of Lies to stand above the competition, there’s just too much expectation left behind on the table. The band has been working hard and set to be out on the road and in the right shows as much as possible and their shows have been one explosive set after the next, let’s just hope Will Yip can get his hands on these guys and do what he did for Harms Way. But in the meantime, it’s crucial we keep our eyes on these guys.

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