Bleed From Within “Era”

These bands often come out a dime a dozen, and there’s so much competition in a space that’s super technical, and has a high demand for top notch production and nonstop grueling on the road that not every act with a promising record is going to last. Bleed From Within finally step it up and deliver a standout record in their career which should help them sustain their relevancy. The songs are fantastic on this one, even though we’ve all heard these riffs and breakdowns dozens of times before. There’s a solid August Burns Red element, that’s delivered in a dark and angry tone, and this is very similar to what Heart Of A Coward did when they matured into Severance and finally tied in all they know how to do together in a super artistic fashion. This one shouldn’t be missed if you’ve walked away from this act as just another hopeful metalcore band, and hopefully this is the one that helps them become that new flagship act the scene is dying for.

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