A Perfect Circle “Eat The Elephant”

Long perceived as Maynard’s second natural zone  next to Tool, A Perfect Circle finds the vocalist and longtime band partner Billy Howerdel dishing up subtle coos on their first album in fifteen years. Their third, and at this rate, probably last record is hardly a rock record, being so soft and subtle in its textures and rhythms. There’s hardly an aggressive beat or riff throughout, but the complex layers create a thick context of atmosphere for Maynard’s infectious tones to weave contagious melodies that ring through the record and last long after the album comes to its summation. For what it’s worth, the man still has vocal finesse after all these years, and if Puscifer isn’t enough to tie you over until that new Tool record comes out, here’s another entry that actually makes for a descent listen, even if it isn’t exactly rock ‘n roll like we may like.

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