At The Gates “To Drink From The Night Itself”

When the band started making waves about coming out of the shed a few years ago, there wasn’t much for them to cling onto. The metal scene had shifted throughout the years and although the band’s legacy remained, the Gothenburg metal sound hadn’t been prevalent in modern aggressive music in ages, and even As I Lay Dying shifted their sound away from the tendencies they originally showcased consistently. But on their latest record, At The Gates finally tie it all in together. The band’s ability to write good songs is captured flawlessly with mint production and it may be the first time in the band’s career where they get it just right. The dark undertones of the act’s linger cement alongside strong riffs and ruthless drumming that make for a timeless metal record. It’s also a solid place to start if you never got into the band to begin with, and need a good place to start.

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