BOTM - July - Jesus Piece

Jesus Piece. Philadelphia, PA. On the fence of their debut release, these Southern Lord hopefuls are working hard to make their mark on the underground hardcore community. Crushing stages alongside Knocked Loose, Comeback Kid, and Code Orange, Jesus Piece know how to mingle amongst the best in the scene to get in front of as many faces as possible who need their brand of brutal aggression. Highly comparable to early Blood Has Been Shed, the band merges the boundaries of brutality and passion to create something essential, in a space where acts like Emmure have perhaps banged a wrong turn, and turned for the less promising track when trying to focus on incessant pummeling chugathons. Somehow, Jesus Piece knows how to sustain their genuine passion for anger and capture it beautifully, and never derail. If you’ve managed to miss the band that seems to be permanently on the road, check out their EP before their record label debut lands in August @therecentlyadded MUSIC 

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