Deafheaven “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love”

There’s something to be said about Deafheaven’s hype and how their unique brand of metal has crippled critics, enthusiasts and rock purists. The band’s colorful riff and soothing blast beat rhythms layered with raspy vocals and gremlin wails certainly seem peculiar, but when the band draws such praise and acclaim this many releases into their career it’s certainly worth noting. To the untrained ear this doesn’t sound like anything that wasn’t already exploited on the group’s underground smash breakthrough Sunbather
     For everyone else, the sound is a familiar one, with lush, colorful chords that aid an odd tone with the band’s vocal approach, one that will always be a mystery for those that don’t constantly connect with what it’s doing. It’s also worth a mention, that this was considered Screamo in 2001 in the neighborhood I was growing up in, and there was a handful of bands that were going for the same sound. While
I’m not entirely certain as to why this is now considered shoegaze black metal, I definitely understand what critics mean.

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