BOTM - August - Year Of The Knife

Year Of The Knife. Newark, DE.  If you haven’t seen these guys live in 2018 you probably didn’t leave the house. YOTK has been out on the road consistently promoting their brand of brash, metallic hardcore. On record the band sand ferocious, furious, demanding payback and understanding. Live? It seems like the band is coming for your children. Frontman Tyler Mullen looks pissed for the duration of the band’s set, and is a convincing force to be reckoned with.  Tours alongside up-and-comers Tourniquet, Foreign Hands, Typecaste, Sanction and other Long Island hopefuls have been positive, as well as stints with scene heavyweights Knocked Loose and a recent appearance on this year’s This Is Hardcore. Alongside a beautiful two page spread in August’s issue of Revolver, YOTK is sure to stand out and rise to acclaim if anyone in this subgenre will do so. For now, check out the act’s bandcamp, and several releases on MUSIC, with their most recent release First State Aggression splashing as a highlight in 2018 @therecentlyadded


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