Alice In Chains “Rainier Fog”

To be given an Alice record in 2018 seems almost as insane as receiving a Stone Temple Pilots record without Weiland on it. Granted, STP have had a checkered past, just like Alice, but at least AIC delivered two supremely strong records after their resurgence, while STP delivered that mistake earlier in the year. In any case, this one should really just be called “Jerry & Friends” as it doesn’t accentuate the band’s long standing ability to deliver flawless records. It’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the band falls short, but just the lyrical content alone needs at least three, if not four revisions before hitting record on that microphone again. Maybe DuVall got some false confidence with Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (a project I still don’t understand). It’s hard to slam an act that’s been superb and delivered quality records for the majority of their career spanning almost thirty years, it’s just worth mentioning that the band is not as impactful on their latest release as they have been known to be.

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