BOTM - September - The Armed

The Armed. Detroit, MI. Probably one of the most confusing things you’ll ever try to figure out is just who and what exactly is The Armed. From a sonic perspective, the band delivers a brash attack of cutthroat noise art metal, that blends quality songwriting and artistic studio flare to a higher order. However, trying to discern their personnel is another thing completely. While the group has been on underground press radars for a few years, it’s Only Love that channeled the band into new terrain, that may enable their anonymity shtick to finally catapult them into critical acclaim. There’s a Noisey article that speaks to a journalist’s experience trying to sort who and what The Armed actually is, and it reinforces the band’s strong connections to Kurt Ballou, who produced the act’s latest release (who may or may not be the band’s mastermind), as well as Ben Koller, who tracked drums for the record. While none of that is really important, it does make for an interesting element that just does not exist in a digital age, and showcases a side to the second half of Converge that never existed prior. For what it’s worth, their latest release is one hell of a record and even trying to find a consistent photo of the group was damn near impossible. Here’s one that fit what I hear when I listen to the band.

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