Deicide “Overtures Of Blasphemy”

There was a time where Deicide was the darkest thing to linger in the record store. Next to Cannibal Corpse, was death metal’s even wilder cousin, and compared to Six Feet Under, Deicide wasn’t even considered music. Grind and technical death metal have come such a long way in the past twenty years, where records like Overtures Of Blasphemy doesn’t even compare in intensity. Line this up next to The Black Dahlia Murder or even Revocation, and it seems childish at best. The production may have sustained the band’s relevancy, but from a lyrical and conceptual standpoint, the schtick just doesn’t work anymore. Deicide released a record so that next summer there’s new offerings at their merch tent at Hellfest and their management can enter their submission for candidacy.

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