KEN mode “Loved”

Long trailing the bottom of Converge flyers, KEN mode has outlived some of their predecessors on more than one wavelength. For one, their latest release is the band’s ninth record in their catalogue, showcasing their ability to put aside differences and continuously commit themselves to their craft. But it’s also worth noting that not only has the band endured their notable longevity, but have mastered their brand of aggressive slam/sludge noise hardcore and deliver their finest moments on their newest release. 
     The record itself sounds different. As in, we haven’t really quite heard shit like this before. The record opens up with a punishing anthem, and then goes into “The Illusion Of Dignity” which thumps and clanks and delivers a slight sax in the mix as well. The culmination of elements on this track lure you in for the rest of the record. It’s clear that KEN mode have captured something unique here. Sure, it’s a little bit creepy and delivers several hues of darkness, but it’s obvious there’s an atmosphere that’s been caught on tape here that’s truly worth mentioning. The tunes hardly let up, and alongside the terrific and captivating lyrical content, the record delivers a fresh take on an aggressive sound without putting the artists on a pedestal. This one’s worth all the rage.

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