Pig Destroyer “Head Cage”

Long hailed as a legacy grindcore act, Pig Destroyer are here to prove they are so much more. The band’s had a lush career, full of ups and downs, sure, but this niche genre isn’t an easy angle to dabble with, especially if longevity is the goal. Head Cage is the band’s most accessible record to date, with the band focusing more on grooves and sludge than irritability. In the past, the band’s releases would be littered with noisescapes, samples akin to The Locust’s scattered fuzz and buzz lingered around every track, making the band a real challenge to listen to. And while releases like Natasha only helped to further complicate the band’s identity, Pig Destroyer was like something in the cupboard that’s been there forever, but nobody wanted to touch. No more is that the case, with the band seemingly eager to get into a relevant space in the metal landscape. Head Cage may do just that, with its polished song structures, emphasis on songwriting, and convincing delivery, the band’s delivered a record that brings pride to the act’s legacy moniker.

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