Old Wounds “Glow”

After the band’s public turbulence after The Suffering Spirit it’s surprising we’re here today even reviewing a new Old Wounds record. The singer left (then returned?), the lineup shuffled around and it felt as if that dominant record from 2015 was as good as things were going to get for the band and for us. But three years later we’re sitting on a gem of a hardcore record, packed with alarm clock riffs and breakdowns that’ll make you forget any drama associated with the band existed in the first place. This is a great example of how bands just need to keep their entire personnel challenges to themselves and focus on delivering a solid product, because for the outsider looking in, this is just a solid aggro record, and the band probably could’ve been sitting at a higher billings on more tour posters than they recently have been, had they just stayed professional and aired their grievances out privately.

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