Touché Amoré “10 Years / 1000 Shows”

If you want to capture the band in their element, but a ticket to their next show, as the true indulgence can only be done by diving into a packed room, steaming with passion, jumping off the stage, with everyone in attendance belting out ever word Jeremy Bolm’s ever scribbled into a notebook. To commemorate the band’s longevity, Epitaph unleashes this mammoth, twenty-nine track collection, aimed at bottling up the act’s live intensity. While the production value is nice, with the live show professionally edited for living room purposes, there is much left to be desired by those who’ve actually attended a Touché gig. For what it’s worth,  it is a solid entry point for newcomers or those who’ve tried to dabble with the band but didn’t locate an entry point, but for the diehards, this may just be another reason to splurge on all the limited variants the label released.

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