Carnifex “Bury Me In Blasphemy”

Having stuck it out for almost twenty years of straightforward pummeling death metal, Carnifex finally deliver a release aimed at having a little fun. The new song is welcoming, finding a home right next to the band’s exhaustive catalogue of similar sounding anthems, but the real beauty here is found in the band’s interpretation of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” and Slipknot’s “The Heretic Anthem,” two tracks Carnifex seem to find necessary to incorporate into their repertoire.
     Surprisingly, band’s efforts play well on both tracks. While the Slipknot track finds the band clinging onto the similarities between the legendary act and Carnifex, it’s really in the band’s efforts to amalgamate Trent Reznor’s signature sound into a heavy metal showcase. Certainly there’s plenty of double bass flare, but the long and short of it sees the band flex a classic hit into their signature deathcore pummeling, delivering an animated rendition to a song no one really ever considered to be interpreted so ferociously. What we get is a fun release, garnering lots of attention for its efforts to sensationalize the act’s fanbase while they anxiously anticipate a follow up full length.

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