Currents “I Let The Devil In”

While the band has struggled to separate themselves from the standard fare that pollutes the metalcore space, their latest album is jammed with math-metal tendencies, emotional build ups and eclectic utilization of all instrumentation. As the band moves along the EP efficiently, there’s tons of pit inducing moments, like the breakdown at the end of “Into Despair,” and the moment they all lose their minds in the middle of “My Disguise” after the melodic chorus that blankets the song like a shall. The unnecessary instrumentals on the second half of the record don’t really make any sense, they seem to just be there for folks to show off their vocal ability and try out for the band should their singer jump ship. But for those who’ve been there since the band’s foundational EP Victimized, this is definitely a major upgrade that sends the band further down the right direction.

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