Soilwork “Verkligheten”

Alongside In Flames and Arch Enemy, Soilwork has risen to metal superiority like no other act, showcasing their evolution with each record. On their latest collection, the band highlights professional execution and songwriting from crafted axemen who leverage a variety of elements to drive their sound. 
     It’s quite remarkable actually, if you truly suck it up and give the record the front to back it so rightfully deserves. Some of the material here, whether formulaic or not, is delivered on such a high capacity that it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the physical execution at play. The equipment that’s used to record this material is exposed in all its glory, and that in of itself is worth the ride. One also has to think that this band practices this material on a regular basis and pulls it off live countless times a year, which only adds to their reputation of incredible noteworthy musicians.

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