Bring Me The Horizon “amo”

The band has been leading up to this moment in their career, with five blended releases under their belt, and there should be no surprise to hear this record as a massive pop offering, packed with the variables that have made this act the polarizing group they have cemented themselves to be. While each track is it’s own identity, the record culminates cohesively, packed with electronic heavy anthems like “Nihilistic Blues” to the chorus centered around “Wonderful Life.” In a set littered with legacy tracks from their prior albums, these songs get sandwiched in well and also catapult the band from previous ground. Each song is so well crafted, so contagious, and engineered in such an animated way, it’s hard not to succumb to the infection.

     It’s evident the band has a strong support team on their side, and whatever the outcome may be on the billboards (already No. 1 in UK), it’s a stretch to imagine anyone saw this band transforming into this when they used to tour with hardcore heavyweights like Bury Your Dead and legacy act Architects. I look forward to the day that they earn a headline slot on Download festival, and for that I’d camp in the mud again.

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