Dream Theater “Distance Over Time”

The band delivers another collection of maps and compasses on their mundane follow up to The Astonishing. In a digital age, where attention spans come soaring like spastic lasers, Dream Theater feels like a lurker, letting songs drone on endlessly for the sake of their legacy. “Barstool Warrior” is as close to a redeeming aspect that’s on the album, but doesn’t seem to justify the endless runtime. There’s no doubt that you have to listen to Dream Theater records to know what they’ll do next in anticipation of the hopeful monumental release, but it seems like this is just another bus to catch that can very easily be overlooked for those either new to the band, or those trying to figure out what the hype is all about. It most certainly isn’t captvating for those who’ve been around since they were children and got their DT records from Columbia House.

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