Fallujah “Undying Light”

It probably won’t be until Devin Townsend releases his new album later this month where we’ll be as equally blown away. Which is a testament to Fallujah’s skill set, because what can honestly be compared side by side with Devin Townsend and even be taken seriously? Not much. The songwriting has gotten much, much better since Fallujah first began their career, and this record highlights the band really coming together, instead of each member waiting for their chance to highlight their ridiculous level of talent. It used to be a literal showcase overload that made their records a burden to listen to. 

     Now with punctual song structures and lush chords and riffage, the band has written the highlight of their career, with a new frontman, who seemingly fades into the mist (and appropriately so) while the band goes sailing off into outer space. This is Fallujah’s finest moment, and may finally catapult them a level on festival and tour rosters as they continue their journey to succeed.

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