La Dispute “Panorama”

Fans of La Dispute have high expectations from the band, and somehow the group is able to deliver to their fanbase time and time again. While Panorama at its core comes off as a super quiet album, the act seems to be making a splash. Once again, packed with endless gibberish storytelling and random ramblings, the lyrical approach here is starting to feel like an old man rambling. As for the music itself, there’s true subtlety here, making for a soothing listen, which is both a highlight and a nuisance, as the record never really seems to take off. 

     There’s hardly any drums banging here, and aside from the guitars twinkling in the background, there’s almost a sparkle of fantasy thrown about. The paper thin angle may be the purpose of the record, but it’s an ultra fragile release the diehards will have no problem comparing to their debut, but probably won’t attract those who haven’t converted.

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