Whitechapel “The Valley”

While somehow still continuing to evolve, the band highlights all the things they’ve done well on their past six records. Packed with brutal gutturals, low end grooves, monkey barrel drumming, and superb guitar trickery that’s woven intricately amidst production magic that’s always been the band’s highlight, The Valley delivers the goods from the act, at a point where most groups may crumble or release absolute garbage to stay in the spotlight. There’s a few new avenues being explored for the band, with an effort to highlight more depth and melodic tendencies that bands like Suicide Silence may have tried to incorporate in the past but failed miserably. While “Hickory Creek” isn’t the album’s highlight, it’s definitely the records most thought provoking moment. But it isn’t that far off from what Slipknot do on their most emotional appeals, and the songwriting is still up to snuff. Regardless, the band is still in pristine form and deliver plenty of meat off the bone for the diehards who may not be interested in the bands efforts to expand their horizon. It may not be the aggression packed into the band’s pinnacle releases like This Is Exile or A New Era of Corruption, but it’s still an awesome release for a band that showcases a continued effort to outsmart their competition.

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