After The Burial “Evergreen”

How far have we come from Forging A Future Self? All those troubles with the lead singers almost fifteen years ago, the re-recording of Rareform (it was never that bad worth redoing), the relentless touring, with release, after release, after release, and then the unfortunate passing of their lead contributor all could have torn this act to shreds. But if you want something bad enough the only choice to make is to sustain and persevere, even in the most darkest of times. Evergreen probably won’t convert new listeners who’ve snubbed the band long ago, as it’s not really a new direction for the band, and it’s definitely not their most impressive release, but for a legacy act to have gone through what these guys have and stay out in the field to hone in on their art on their sixth release is truly an impressive feat worth nodding our heads to.

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