Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes “End Of Suffering”

While Carter’s prolific career as a frontman and a tattoo artist has been prevalent for almost twenty years, his latest collection is the laziest of his contributions to the catalogue. What’s even more surprising is the level of energy that this man and his outfit seem to execute every time they perform live simply isn’t captured here.  Which, in my opinion, is a huge oversight. The record plays like The Strokes or The Hives, and sure, both bands had monumental success, but for what it’s worth, I don’t personally come to Frank Carter for any of that.
     The point is, Frank Carter isn’t that strong of a singer. Sure he carries a tune, writes good melodies (Pure Love, “Blossom,” etc), but what’s caught on record here seems to be a great amount of poetry that may have been better caught in print. The band is just a lazy riffing outfit. Greg Puciato once said that TDEP’s entire purpose was to capture the band’s intense live element on record, instead of the band overcompensating for their songwriting during their live performance. For them, a band that’s actually comparable to the level of intensity Frank Carter brings to his shows, it was all about bottling up their insane stage presence with the energy of enigmatic, thought provoking songwriting. Can’t wait to see how insane the band goes for “Heartbreaker.” It’s just a crying shame none of that was presented here.

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