Lorna Shore “Immortal”

Century Media releases the band’s first major label release and highlights a group that’s been crafting this niche for years. While opening up with the seven minute title track was a bold move, some of the riffs throughout the record sound like a newcomer to the Chugecore site. While the drums and leads at times stand out as key features, in 2020 TRA is going to expect something else from the deathcore space from an act that’s been at it for over a decade. Even though there’s so much negativity around this release, when it comes down to the content within, it’s really just mediocre at best. While it may be a major milestone for the act, it’s really just a dated sounding record. All of it sounds like it could’ve been taken from that third or fourth Carnifex album. Also, is it really necessary to have the choir chant hymns on every single track?

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