Poppy “I Disagree”

There’s lots to be said about Poppy that will detract focus from the record itself, but it’s interesting to see an artist hop into the metal space and extract the key elements from a genre that aid her pre existing audio execution. There’s dubstep wub wub, there are slam breakdowns, there’s J-pop vocals, there are ambient passages, but collectively it’s a mishmash of all the things that are currently entertaining in the alternative music space. It’s worth noting that nothing else in Poppy’s catalogue even slightly resembles what’s executed here aside from some of her vocal coos. There are a few giant hooks here, and some big concepts that are all somehow sandwiched into a thirty five minute collage.  Regardless what you’re into, you’re going to have an opinion on Poppy and will probably find something to bite into on a record that was put out on Sumerian of all labels.

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