Lady Gaga “Chromatica”

At a time where entertainment and show business have come to a screeching halt, Gaga marches forward with another blockbuster release. While not as far left of center as the highly acclaimed “Joanne,” songs like “Stupid Love” and “Sine From Above” contribute to the star’s catalogue and long for the day arenas will be packed again to celebrate humanity. Good on her for staying on schedule and releasing a record that no doubt satisfied millions of fans at a time where many had nothing else to do but sit in front of the tv and try to say sane, while many lost everything they worked their entire lives to amass. Gaga’s latest record may be overlooked in the midst of a societal collapse, but the album also hints at a partial renaissance that, if we aren’t all careful, may be dismissed as we stay distracted by the things we can’t control, when we’ve never had more time to ourselves to actually focus on the things that matter to us the most.

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