TRA’s The Best Of 2020

TRA dished out 160+ reviews in 2020 at a time where this community didn’t know if it would get any new music at all. Despite all the noise that littered the airwaves and the huge blow to live music, the year saw a collection of sensational records and a ton of awesome albums bring life to a rotten situation. Whatever happens in the year ahead, and whether or not all the “postponed” shows happen and festivals are able to gather hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe again, there’s bound to be another wave of releases to follow as countless artists and bands chiseled away at their arsenal in isolation. Hope you enjoyed the music and the reviews as much as I did, and were able to find something you liked in what was for sure a trainwreck of a year for the performing arts. Without any hesitation, here’s TRA’s best of 2020 and a few photos taken over the last few years at the world’s biggest programs @therecentlyadded

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