TRA’s AOTY - 2020

While everyone argued back and forth about the new Deftones, and young critics drooled over the latest Loathe record because Chino said it was great, Nothing unveiled a masterpiece under the radar that catapulted their skill set to another universe by delivering a lush, complicated, ambitious and emotional release. They probably just stole the manual from Darker My Love, but hey, I don’t see them pumping out records on Relapse as we head into 2021. The sound is slightly reminiscent of Citizen’s early records which would explain some of the tour packages the band graced before the world shut down. The album is dark and melancholy, and warrants you to toss out the ear buds, slap on a thick pair of headphones, lay on the floor, and stare at the ceiling in the darkness as it washes over you. Nothing proves good songs don’t need heavy prose or a thousand riffs to write deep material. A good song is many times the simplest song. It is hands down the best album of the year, if you’re patient enough to let it explode across your sound system. “Famine Asylum,” “Bernie Sanders” and “Blue Mecca” are the brilliant choice cuts. And have you seen the videos? Holy smokes. “Yesterday is a long way down” @therecentlyadded


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