A Day To Remember “You’re Welcome”

“Brick Wall” probably could have just used, you know, the real band, not sure why they compressed everything into a pocket, it would’ve been a one of a kind sound there, but what’s going on with the ending of that song? Remember what Forever The Sickest Kids did on their self-titled? That’s currently what’s missing on ADTR’s catalogue. Some super explosive all in hits release. “Bloodsucker” is super cringeworthy. “Last Chance To Dance” has a reasonable ADTR sound. But what IS “High Diving”? “Resentment” has a breakdown... Regardless, they’re still one of the biggest bands in the world noted for the earlier part of their catalogue, but now we’re just grabbing drinks at the bar, punching notches in the belt. “At one time you’ve got it, and then you lose it, and it’s gone forever. All walks of life.” George Best, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Charlie Nicholas, David Niven, Malcolm McLaren, Elvis Presley, and well... you can add ADTR to that list.

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