Citizen “Life In Your Glass World”

I hate being the guy who always rags on bands as they grow and expand their catalogue, but there’s also something exciting about having been there at the infancy in 2013 where a packed room at The Studio at Webster Hall knew every word to songs I’d never heard of before and thought that I tragically missed the boat for something that seemed so exciting when I was waiting for Polar Bear Club to come on. Or how about the night at Market Hotel in Brooklyn when the band opened up for Nothing? “Youth” was an incredible album. Compassionate, emotional, tragic. Three albums later, everything else they’ve done just doesn’t hit the same mark. The DNA is still very much, well, Citizen, and some songs are standouts, but after you’ve seen the the things I’ve seen, it’s hard to go back to try and restore that same level of glory without looking in the rear view.

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