POTM - March - Ross Robinson

The legendary producer of all things Nu Metal and beyond has to be recognized in this month’s installment. From my understanding, Robinson first made a resume for himself with Fear Factory’s debut release “Concrete” which helped him land the job for Korn’s self-titled, and then produced other legendary albums such as the first two Glassjaw records and The Blood Brothers’ insane “...Burn Piano Island, Burn.” Robinson’s biggest career successes in my opinion are obviously Slipknot’s 1999 self-titled release which catapulted the band from playing parking lots to stadiums in the course of 18 months, as well as Sepultura’s “Roots.” Down the line he also tried to help with Suicide Silence’s self-titled that dropped in 2017, and well, we all know how that went. Robinson is also responsible for some cult classic releases, predominantly the Amen catalogue, which doesn’t really get as much respect as it should. Otherwise Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, At The Drive-In, Machine Head, the latest Touché Amoré record, and a whole slew of others were basically made by the producer’s renowned genius. The man’s a legend! What more has to be said? 

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